The most effective method to make wood in little alchemy

The following are 9 undermines how to make wood in Little alchemy. Evaluate these speculative chemistry clues and let the tomfoolery start. You can undoubtedly comprehend the speculative chemistry cheats and clues. Consider all potential ways that are important to get a wood from a tree and you can undoubtedly think of required mixes.


You can make wood in Little alchemy by utilizing nine unique mixes.

Cheat 1: Hatchet and Woods

Assuming you are in timberland, you most certainly need a hatchet with the goal that you can cut the tree and get wood. Thus, it’s a basic blend.

Cheat 2: Hatchet and Tree

Like above hint. You really want a hatchet and strike it on the tree limbs to get wood.

Cheat 3: Trimming tool and Woods

Nowadays trimming tool is for the most part utilized for cutting trees into bits of wood. Thus, in the event that you will backwoods with a trimming tool, you can undoubtedly get back with a ton of wood.

Cheat 4: Trimming tool and Tree

Same login. We really want trimming tool and use it to take wood from the tree.

Cheat 5: Logger and Woodland

The term Logger is utilized for an individual who manages cutting of wood and further handling in north american culture. Thus, this mix seems OK.

Cheat 7: Logger and Tree

Logger is the individual who basically manages cutting of trees. Along these lines, it is likewise significant mix.

Cheat 6: Instrument and Backwoods

Metal devices can assist you with cutting wood in the timberland. Thus, this is additionally the useful choice in our situation.

Cheat 9: Apparatus and Tree

You can utilize the apparatus to cut any brank or break it.

Cheat 8: Blade and Tree

Not normally normal nowadays. Be that as it may, it very well may be utilized to fill the need and will get some margin to cut a tree.

Presently, we are confident that you know how to make wood in Little alchemy. Click here


We’ve recorded down 64 cheats and traces of things that you can make from wood and joining different things in little speculative chemistry. Wood +

1.            Story makes pinocchio

2.            Stream makes span

3.            Swordfish makes casting pole

4.            Tobacco makes pipe

5.            Tool makes hatchet

6.            Tree makes treehouse

7.            Air makes woodwind

8.            Animal makes beaver

9.            Bee makes bee colony

10.          Bird makes woodpecker

11.          Blade makes hatchet and sword

12.          Blender makes paper

13.          Bow makes bolt

14.          Bullet makes bolt

15.          Charcoal makes pencil

16.          Cheese makes mousetrap

17.          Coal makes pencil

18.          Container makes pail and chimney

19.          Cook makes cutting board

20.          Corpse makes final resting place

21.          Earth makes furrow

22.          Fabric makes drum and tent

23.          Field makes wall and furrow

24.          Fire makes open air fire + charcoal + smoke

25.          Fish makes casting pole

26.          Fruit makes natural product tree

27.          Garden makes wall

28.          Glass makes reflect

29.          Hay makes brush

30.          Horse makes diversion

31.          House makes log lodge

32.          Human makes logger and apparatus

33.          Ice makes snowboard

34.          Juice makes popsicle

35.          Lake makes boat

36.          Leather makes drum

37.          Letter makes letter box

38.          Wall makes wall

39.          Water makes boat and paper

40.          Wheel makes truck

41.          Wind makes woodwind

42.          Wine makes barrel

43.          Wire makes bow

44.          Wizard makes wand

45.          Wood makes wall

46.          Life makes pinocchio

47.          Machine makes paper

48.          Mailman makes letter drop

49.          Metal makes apparatus

50.          Music makes drum

51.          Ocean makes boat

52.          Paper makes book

53.          Pencil makes ruler

54.          Piranha makes casting pole

55.          Plant makes tree

56.          Pressure makes paper

57.          River makes boat and extension

58.          Rock makes instrument

59.          Rope makes bow

60.          Sea makes boat

61.          Snow makes snowboard

62.          Sound makes ringer

63.          Steel makes device

64.          Stone makes hatchet and device

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