How To Improve Your Cox Internet Speed

How To Improve Your Cox Internet Speed

you wouldn’t like your internet speed being slow. Slow Internet is what bothers a user the most. If you are also dealing with the same issue, don’t worry because I have an easy solution, which is Cox Internet.
Cox Internet is one of the finest broadband service running successfully in 18 states of the town. Cox has always claimed to be one of the best in the market when it comes to speed.
But what if you could not get the same speed as advertised by the network? Well, I am here to assist you and in this guide, I’ll show you how you can fix your slow speed internet with ease.

Ways to Improve Your Internet Speed

You can easily fix your internet speed by following these steps, in case if it doesn’t work, you can directly call to the customer support for help.

⦁ Check Your Wi-Fi router

The first step for you would be very simple. You just have to check your Wi-Fi router and the lights. If the lights are not showing up, then you may contact the customer support by Cox. If it’s working then you don’t need to worry about anything as your Wi-Fi will be restored very soon.

⦁ Reset the Device

You must locate the password and Wi-Fi name. Like, you are using Cox’s Panoramic Wi-Fi, you can quickly locate your Wi-Fi name and password via your app. However, if you are using a different Wi-Fi device and are not using Cox’s, you should check your own device as well; you might be able to find your Wi-Fi name and password somewhere on it.
Check your device for a reset button; the location of this button may differ depending on the router you use. Locate the button and press Reset.

⦁ Manually Reboot

If you are still stuck and getting slow speed, here is what you can do. You can manually reboot your Wi-Fi router by pressing it for long 10 seconds and then you may see your lights blinking. This can be an easy solution for your problem.

⦁ Router Placement

The most important factor of getting slow internet speed is usually ignored by the users. You need to check if you have placed your router at a center point or not. You need to make sure that there should not be any blockage near your Wi-Fi device.

⦁ Unexpected Outage

After following all these steps, the best you can do is, check if there’s area outage or not, or you can even call the Cox Customer Support and ask them if there’s any area outage.

⦁ Using Old Device

This can also be one of the reasons, you can face slow internet speed just because you opted for your old router rather than the Cox one, if anything occurs, you need to upgrade or change your router to have maximum bandwidth.

⦁ Wi-Fi Extender or Booster

If you feel like you’re having less signals in your room or you face any connectivity issues, you should definitely consider having a Wi-Fi router so that you can also have a high-speed internet in your home.

⦁ Speed Test

After trying all the possible solutions, now what you can do is a speed test. Usually providers gives you an access to the speed test app but in case if you don’t have any, you can test it online. Then you will realize if you have a stable connection or not.

⦁ Restart

Now after doing all the steps, you will have to restart your Wi-Fi device so that you can have more clarity. There have been cases where users restarted their device and it started working again. Maybe this can be an easy fix for your problem.

⦁ Cox Customer Support

To have more clarity, what you should do is, contact the Cox Customer Support so that you can have a clear picture. Maybe your Wi-Fi needs a technician to fix.


Cox, undoubtedly is one of the most reliable broadband networks performing in the US, having a family of more than half a million. Being a well-recognized network, it will surely take care of your problems so you don’t need to worry about anything. Choose wisely.

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